About the ptoject

The international “Electronic Directory of Ethnographic Collections of Russian GermansArtifacts” is a large project implemented by Autonomous Non-Profit Organization ‘Institute of Scientific Research and Development’ (The Presidential Grant of the Russian Federation No. 21-2-005243).

Project components

  1. Multifunctional portal development for posting materials in Russian, German and English languages.
  2. Placing information about the Russian Federation museums of different ownership, about the museums abroad, and private collections, the funds and exhibits of which contain the artifacts related to the Russian Germans.
  3. Descriptions of ethnographic collections kept at museums and private collections, with details on their acquisition.
  4. Composing scientific descriptions of the relevant artifacts of museum significance.

The first stage involves posting of descriptions of artifacts from ethnographic collections associated with the Volga Germans (ca. 500 items).

  1. Creating user profiles (museums, collectors) with the ability of updating and adding the materials.