Mirror frame

Item number according to the museum receipts book:

СМК 61015


Mirror frame


Late 19th century.

Place of manufacture

? Kamyshinskij District, Saratov Province.

Author, manufacturer



Manufacturing technique

Sawing, grinding, carving, painting, varnishing.

Dimensions: length, width, height or diameter (L, W, H, D)

H. – 102,3, W. – 54.

Description of an artifact

Rectangular, dark in color, with a slot for a large mirror, a figured top is covered with bas-relief carvings with a floral pattern. In the center of the pommel, there is a small rectangular window for a mirror.

Source and date of receipt of the museum piece:

Expedition of 1995

Inventory number given the second stage (scientific description) of bookkeeping at the museum

Note. Information about analogues

Note. Similar frames in MMK, KrKM and EKM.