Hammered dulcimer, «Hackprett» - musical instrument

Item number according to the museum receipts book:

СМК 64900


Hammered dulcimer, «Hackprett» - musical instrument



Place of manufacture

Stanitsa of Lapshinskaya, Kotovsky District, Volgograd Oblast

Author, manufacturer

A. Jordan


Wood, metal.

Manufacturing technique

Sawing, planing, drilling, painting. Cutting, stretching, tuning.

Dimensions: length, width, height or diameter (L, W, H, D)

L. –99; 48, W. – 43, H. – 10.

Description of an artifact

Similar to СМК 55745/1–5, but has homemade steel wire strings in 21 rows, 3 in each row. Painted with light brown and yellow paints. One set of mallet hammers.

Source and date of receipt of the museum piece:

Gift by V.A. Jordan

Inventory number given the second stage (scientific description) of bookkeeping at the museum

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