Barrel organ «Scharmaete», «Katerinka»: a mechanical portable organ without a keyboard

Item number according to the museum receipts book:

ЭКМ 233


Barrel organ «Scharmaete», «Katerinka»: a mechanical portable organ without a keyboard


Early 20th century

Place of manufacture

Town of Baronsk, Samara Province.

Author, manufacturer

A.J. Resner


Wood, metal, cardboard.

Manufacturing technique

Polishing, carpentry, painting, assembly.

Dimensions: length, width, height or diameter (L, W, H, D)

H. – 48, L. – 47, W. – 29.

Description of an artifact

In the form of a rectangular wooden box. On the front wall, on a grid, there are drawn pictures of a dancing woman with a tambourine and a man playing the mandolin. The lower planks have been lost. There are breaks in the metal mesh in the central upper painting and in the left painting of the facade. There are two covers on the top. On the inner side of the back cover, on a paper label, it is written in typographic way in Russian, “Organ master Alexander Yakovlevich RESNER in Baronsk. 88 Uralskaya Street. LIST OF PLAYED PIECES,” and a handwritten list of eight points in black ink, “MARCH: DOUBLE-HEADED EAGLE / WALTZ. OVER THE WAVES / GALOP. LOVE / POLKA. BICYCLE / / POLKA / MALORUSSIAN HOPAK / UNINTELLIGIBLE RECORD / POLKA.” On the front wall, under the screen, there is an inscription in German, “GEBRUEDER REIMER, KRATZA UI/B.” On the left side wall, there is a handle holder. The handle is missing. Inside, there is a roller with song recordings.

Source and date of receipt of the museum piece:

Gift by S.I. Tkachenko, Engels, 1970s

Inventory number given the second stage (scientific description) of bookkeeping at the museum

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