Floor cradle «Wik», «Wige»

Item number according to the museum receipts book:

СМК 5804


Floor cradle «Wik», «Wige»


Early 20th century

Place of manufacture

Village of Rovnoye, NovouzenskyUezd, Samara Governorate

Author, manufacturer



Manufacturing technique

Cutting, sawing, planing, turning, coloring.

Dimensions: length, width, height or diameter (L, W, H, D)

L. – 93, W. – 48, H. – 41.

Description of an artifact

In the form of a burgundy box; the end walls are inverted trapezoids with carved grooves in the corners, the side walls are rectangles with a carved notched top; the walls are connected at the corners by tetrahedral bars with tops in the form of spheroids. Legs are two rocking arcs.

Source and date of receipt of the museum piece:

Expedition of 1920.

Inventory number given the second stage (scientific description) of bookkeeping at the museum

Note. Information about analogues

Note. A similar cradle in ECM.