A doll «Pob», «Bop»

Item number according to the museum receipts book:

СМК 13343/2


A doll «Pob», «Bop»


Early 20th century

Place of manufacture

Author, manufacturer


Cotton fabric, wool, nettle canvas, wood.

Manufacturing technique

Cut, fitting, stitching on the hands, knitting, embroidery, sawing, turning.

Dimensions: length, width, height or diameter (L, W, H, D)

L.– 34, W. – 10,5.

Description of an artifact

Burlap stuffed with sheep’s wool. The head is made of calico, the face is not drawn. Hair of dark brown wool, are sewn on. Hands of brown flannel, legs are made of wooden sticks; woolen stockings of burgundy color, with blue stripes. Clothes: white jacket, skirt made of white muslin with a woven pattern, white apron embroidered in red threads in a vegetative pattern.

Source and date of receipt of the museum piece:

Expeditions of 1926-1928

Inventory number given the second stage (scientific description) of bookkeeping at the museum

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