Engels Center for German Culture


Center hours: Monday - Friday from 08:30 to 17:30.

Contact phone: +7 (8453) 568 694



Address: 26 Lenin Square, Engels 413100, Russia

General description

The library at the Center for German Culture comprises over 3,000 published editions, both in German and in Russian, along with documents, audio and video materials on the history and the present day of Russian Germans, fiction and non-fiction by German authors, and teaching aids for the study of the German language. The fund is constantly updated with additional books, textbooks and periodicals. The documents on the establishment of the Center and about its founder, A. Karl, are currently being transferred to the State Historical Archive of the Volga Germans.

History and features

The Center for German Culture in Engels is among the most famous and authoritative organizations of Russian Germans in Russia.

The activities and achievements of the Center are widely known not only in our country, but also in many countries of the world, where our compatriots, the descendants of Russian Germans, live.

The Center implements important cultural and national projects and social programs in for the target audience.

The main purpose of the Center is the revival, preservation and further development of the Russian Germans’ culture.

The main areas of the Center’s work are: music and arts; linguistic, cultural, educational and information activities; social and cultural projects; work with children; leisure activities of seniors and youth; methodological developments.